Why I started this site

I started this site to learn about building and maintaining web pages. Initially, it covered a number of different topics - a bit about T H Huxley, the great Victorian biologist, some of my holiday snaps from trips abroad, and some test pages for other sites. I then added a few pages about walking in South East England. The pages about walking gradually expanded, and I therefore decided to delete the miscellaneous content, and limit the site's content to matters about walking in a region I originally called 'South East England', but which I now more properly refer to as 'south of London'.

Although the site is an exercise in building and maintaining web pages, the content may be of intrinsic interest to a few people.

The site is called jont.org.uk after me (Jon Taylor), simply because when I started it, I had no particular subject in mind for the site, but needed a name.

The site is built using XHTML 1.0 Strict with CSS level 2.1, so if you have a very ancient browser, you might need to update it to get the pages to display correctly. Try Mozilla Firefox as an alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer - it's free.

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Significant updates

17 August 2010 - The Walking South home page refreshed.

* * *

15 August 2010 - My walking log has been reorganised to separate out pub walks from miscellaneous walks.

23 July 2010 - New section added to site called In the background, intended to introduce various topics that form a background to walking as an activity. I've started by collecting together the various miscellaneous pages on this site that are not directly about walking. I'll add other topics as I get the time and inspiration. This requires changes to the navigation section of all pages, which I'm gradually working through. Temporarily, a redirection page is required to deal with the relocation of the page on South of London as a region.

07 July 2010 - Page on Mashup paths south of London added. Consequential changes made to page on Long distance paths south of London.

21 February 2010 - Arrangement of the walking log amended. Miscellaneous walks within the region separated from miscellaneous off-territory walks, and arranged by year.

16 January 2010 - Page on Shorter paths south of London added.

06 January 2010 - Notes on what I've learnt about building and maintaining web pages added to this page [18 July 2010 - moved to new page on Building and maintaining web pages], and a page added on captioning and positioning images.

29 December 2009 - Update of screen and print CSS completed for all pages. Captions added to most photos.

27 December 2009 - An index of plant portraits added, giving direct access to the photographs of plants linked to the vignettes placed between page sections. The index is accessed from the Walking South home page [18 July 2010 - link moved to new Background page].

06 December 2009 - Screen and print CSS updated for main pages. Secondary pages to follow.

30 November 2009 - Captions added to photos on selected pages. For an example, see the log page for the 1066 Country Walk. Captions will be gradually added to photos on other pages.

18 November 2009 - Page on Long distance paths south of London revised. A table of paths has been added, giving links to a separate page for each path. Details about each path have been moved to the page dealing with that path.

25 October 2009 - Page on 'Future projects' added as a place to note ideas for possible future walking projects.

09 August 2009 - Navigation of the walking log simplified. The main page just lists projects, the secondary pages list individual walks by date.

09 August 2009 - Broken links to Natural England website in page on South of London as a region repaired.

02 August 2009 - The Walking South home page refreshed, with a section added highlighting the log. Some restructuring of directories, to make maintenance easier - but this should be invisible to the user.

26 July 2009 - A couple of experimental pages of 'Plant Portraits' added, linked to the flower vignettes used as section separators on the log page for the 'South Coast' project.

26 July 2009 - The walking log has been updated. Future routine updates to the log won't be noted here.

12 July 2009 - A walking log added - a record of my walks, with basic access and route information. Consequential changes made to the site's navigation.

12 July 2009 - A few more pictures of waymarks added to the page on Long distance paths south of London.

01 June 2009 - Page added, describing The Alternative South Downs Way, a 185 km (116 mile) route of my own invention from Eastbourne to Winchester. I have given enough information to allow the walk to be traced on the relevant OS 1:25 000 maps. The route directions are not sufficient in themselves for navigation without a map. The Alternative South Downs Way has been added to the page on Long distance paths south of London.

31 May 2009 - Details of the West Sussex Literary Trail added to page on Long distance paths south of London. A few more pictures of waymarks added.

03 May 2009 - Pages about the southern Marilyns and HuMPs combined into a single page on The southern hills, dealing with the relative hills lying to the south of London. Consequential changes made to other pages and the site's navigation.

03 May 2009 - Details of New Lipchis Way added to page on Long distance paths south of London. A few more pictures of waymarks added.

08 March 2009 - Link to traveline south west for buses in East Hampshire added to Useful Links page.

04 January 2009 - Pictures of some waymarks added to page on Long distance paths south of London.

13 December 2008 - Section on the principal rivers of the region added to page on South of London as a region.

07 December 2008 - Page on Long distance paths south of London edited to only give details of those parts of paths falling within the region covered by this website (with the exception of the London Loop and the Capital Ring). Other minor corrections made to the page.

25 October 2008 - Details of Serpent Trail, Sussex Ouse Valley Way and St Swithun's Way added to page on Long distance paths south of London.

25 October 2008 - Site renamed 'Walking South'. This site only covers that part of England that lies to the south of London - a smaller area than that which is usually designated 'South East England'. The site has therefore been comprehensively edited to delete references to 'South East England' and replace them with 'south of London', to make its scope clearer.

06 September 2008 - New page added on Long distance paths in South East England - a selective list of the long distance paths in South East England, with links and notes.

31 August 2008 - New page added on The region of South East England. It incorporated some material formerly found on the site's home page.

25 August 2008 - Footnote added to the description of the walk to visit Newmarket Hill.

03 June 2008 - A walk to visit North's Seat added.

26 May 2008 - A walk to visit Newmarket Hill added.

26 May 2008 - Useful Links page extended to include links to maps and digital mapping, and to lists of hills.

26 May 2008 - Site restructured to eliminate non-walking related material.

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