Warning: pub closures!

The walks described in these pages were devised between 2007 and 2010. Sadly, many of the pubs mentioned have since closed.

* * *

Route descriptions

I have devised some walks to visit the Marilyns and HuMPs lying to the south of London. Generally, I have only given an enough information to allow the walk to be traced on the 1:25 000 OS map - experienced walkers won't need anything more. In a few instances, I have also produced a fuller route description, simply as an exercise in writing such descriptions.

Statistics are taken from a plot of the route using Anquet 1:50 000 digital mapping. As a consequence, the maximum height quoted may be a few metres different from the nominal height quoted in the lists of Marilyns and HuMPs given elsewhere on this site.

Walks to visit the southern Marilyns

Walks to visit the southern HuMPs