I've decided to keep a fuller record of my walking. As I want to record my walks in words and photographs, I've decided to do so in the form of web pages. It's quick and easy to create linked pages that I like the look of (thanks to CSS) and the record will be as immune to technological change as any electronic record can be (because I make my pages W3C standards compliant). And having created the web pages, I might as well publish them on this site.

Amateur blogs are usually rather dull, and of no great interest to anyone other than the blogger. These pages are no different, and are probably of passing interest only to those people I have walked with. However, my aim is to describe my walks, not to give opinions, so you might just find some ideas for walks, or get an impression of what a particular area has to offer the walker.

My walks are usually linked into 'projects' - typically completing a long distance path, but the linking element could be anything, including the walks done on a particular holiday, or walks done to visit a particular type of feature (for example, Marilyns and HuMPs). I've therefore arranged this log first by project, and then by date.

I've also started a page on 'Future projects' as a place to note ideas for possible future walking projects.

I started the log on 30 May 2009. I've no intention of trying to go back in time, so for some projects the log will only include part of the story.



List of current projects, with links
Project Description
Sussex Coast A series of walks along the coast of Sussex
The Solent Way A costal walk along the Solent, on the mainland side
E9 European Coastal Path Walking the E9 European Coastal Path (Sentier Européen du Littoral) within the region
Pub walks 2011 Walks to have a pint in various pubs, undertaken in 2011



List of completed projects, with links
Project Description
The Semaphore Line Walking the semaphore line from London to Portsmouth
The Vanguard Way From the London suburbs to the south coast
Meridian Walk Peacehaven to Greenwich: A walk along the Meridian, started 14 March 2009
Arun Valley Walk A walk to survey an 'Arun Valley Walk', in preparation for writing a guide book
London to Portsmouth Following the London to Portsmouth inland waterway
Sussex Diamond Way A 60 mile walk from Midhurst to Heathfield, traversing the Low Weald
Kent valleys Walking across Kent using river valley walks
West Sussex Literary Trail A 55 mile walk from Chichester to Horsham
Tandridge Border Path A 50 mile walk around the boundary of Tandridge
Sussex Ouse Valley Way Following the course of the River Ouse from the sea to (near) its source
New Lipchis Way A walk from Liphook to West Wittering via Midhurst and Chichester
The Serpent Trail A walk through the heathland of West Sussex
1066 Country Walk Exploring the 1066 Country Walk and its links
Pub walks 2009 and 2010 Walks to have a pint in various pubs, undertaken in 2009 and 2010
Miscellaneous walks 2009 and 2010 Various walks not connected with a particular project, undertaken in 2009 and 2010



List of off-territory walks and projects, with links
Project Description
Walking from Coniston A long weekend walking from Coniston, 20 May 2011 to 23 May 2011
The Northern Heights Walks to explore the Northern Heights extension of the Northern Line
Region 42: Marilyns and HuMPs Completing the ascent of the Marilyns and HuMPs in Region 42
Exmoor Hills Peak bagging on Exmoor
South West Coast Path 2009 Walking the South West Coast Path, 20 to 27 June 2009
Isle of Wight long weekend A long weekend walking on Isle of Wight, 11 to 14 June 2009
Engineering days out Days out to see some engineering (which may or may not include a walk)
Miscellaneous off-territory walks Various off-territory walks, not connected with a particular project

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