Introduction to the mashup paths south of London

In the world of web development a mashup is a web page or application that combines data or functionality from two or more external sources to create a new service. The web development term is in turn borrowed from music, where a mashup is a song comprised of elements of two or more pre-existing pieces of music. So generically, a mashup is something made by combining pre-existing elements into something new.

I've adopted the term to mean a long distance path made up of sections of existing waymarked or promoted paths, with new short connecting sections defined where needed to create links.

A classic example of a mashup is the E9 European Coastal Path. Within the region covered by this website, the E9 is made up of sections from five different long distance paths.

I've devised and described a number of mashups for my own amusement:

List of mashup paths south of London, in no particular order

The distances were calculated by plotting the route using Anquet 1:50 000 digital mapping.

Mashup paths south of London
Name Length Start Finish Devised by Jon T?
Alternative South Downs Way 185 km (116 miles) Warren Hill, Eastbourne Winchester Cathedral Yes
E9 European Coastal Path 298 km (186 miles) Southampton Dover No
E2 Atlantic - Mediterranean Path (western route) 218 km (136 miles) Weybridge Dover No