Start: Staunton Country Park / Brockhampton, Havant

Finish: Queen Elizabeth Country Park

OS 1:25 000 maps: 120

Length: 34 km (21 miles)

Notes and links

Information about the Staunton Way is somewhat contradictory. The leaflet on the Staunton Way published by Hampshire County Council shows a North to South route from Staunton Country Park to Queen Elizabeth Country Park; and a South to North route, from Queen Elizabeth Country Park to Staunton Country Park.

However, the OS 1:25 000 map shows the North to South Route only, but extended to meet the Wayfarer's Walk at Brockhampton, a suburb of Havant. A very short section of the Wayfarer's Walk then links the Staunton Way to the Solent Way.

The Staunton Way forms a link in the E9 European Coastal Path.

Published guide

A guide to the Staunton Way is available as a pdf download from Hampshire County Council. This does not cover the extension to Brockhampton.

The North to South route, extended to meet the Wayfarer's Walk at Brockhampton, is shown on the OS 1:25 000 map.


E9 European Coastal Path - Staunton Way walked on 07 November 2009.


The route is waymarked between Staunton Country Park and Queen Elizabeth Country Park.